Refrigerated cargo transport

Sigma Shipping has many years of experience in the undertaking of large scale chilled & frozen products. We provide to our customers a modern fleet of refrigerated vans with various capacities from 1.5 tons to 22 tons equipped with air conditioning units, constantly controlling the temperature during the delivery.

We ensure temperature integrity throughout the supply chain, from the point of collection to final delivery.

The refrigeration temperature may be between -20 and +25 degrees. You can definitely rely on Sigma to safely handle and deliver your temperature sensitive products.

Refrigerated transport types:

  • Frozen transportation – for the shipment of frozen goods (fish, frozen meat, etc.) at usual temperatures of -18 / -20 degrees Celsius;
  • Chilled transportation – for the shipment of goods that require to be kept at a constant temperature (fresh fish, fresh meat, carcasses of animals, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

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